How Many Carbs on a Ketogenic Diet Plan?

31 January 2012

By now most of you are familiar with the ketogenic diet plan, if not you can catch up and get the basics of the diet here. As most of the people entering ketosis, dieters are wondering, "how many carbs on a ketogenic diet plan?", well your in luck because this will clarify the issue below.

To know how many carbs you need while in ketosis, you must first know where carbs if any in ketosis will be used. The purpose of not going "no-carb" is for safety. See, your brain needs energy, and we spoke about how ketones are energy (converted from fat) but the thing you must know is that your brain cannot take ketones as energy. Ketones are made from your liver to keep your muscles replenished without having sugars or carbs. When your brain needs juice to run on, it will only take glycogen. Glycogen is another form of carbohydrates that can be turned from sugar or carbs.

The key thing to know is to have at 5% of your daily calories to come from carbohydrates. During the ketogenic diet plan, this 5% will not affect your ketosis negatively. Instead, it will go directly where it will use it first, your brain. As you enter into ketosis you can notice a side affect are headaches, but this is because your body was adjusting. To keep this pace and not have bad things happen, you will want to stay hydrated and have roughly 30g of carbs a day. This amount should not be a big deal when dieting because you should be exercising as well! With a combination of exercise and a small amount of carbs, you body will be a healthy fat burning machine.

How to incorporate 30g of carbs in a ketogenic diet plan

There are a few ways if you are really worried you're not getting enough carbs in your system. While on your ketogenic diet plan, do exactly as you are but 30 min. before you work out, eat a protein bar or drink an 8 oz. cup of juice. You are probably thinking, "no way, this will kick me out of ketosis" but here is the catch, you will get more glycogen than you need for your brain to use but since you will be doing a cardio exercise shortly before, anything in excess will be burned up. As you go into your cardio you will notice more energy than usual as well. Having a mini "carp-up" before your workout will ensure you will never have any problems or side effects.If you cant keep track of percentages on your ketogenic diet plan, 5% for most people come out to about 30g of carbs each day. If you just keep track of this number you should have a safe and healthy diet with amass amount of energy.

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