Ketogenic diet tips: how to stay in ketosis

8 September 2011

If you don't already know what ketosis is or a ketogenic diet please visit here.

Coming out ketosis can be a dieter’s worst nightmare. To stay in ketosis one must be eating less than 10% of their diet in carbohydrates and constantly monitor if your body is providing ketones. The thing about your body burning its own fat is that you have to tell it to and by you not being able to stay in ketosis, your telling your body to not burn the fat away.

What will make you not stay in ketosis?

• Aspartame/Sucralose: Depending on how your body reacts to the sugar substitute, to much of this man made chemical can trick your body into having real sugar. Though sugar substitutes have been proven to lead to dangerous side affects, people that have a sweet tooth but on a diet still result to it. Once this chemical goes into your bloodstream, you brain precedes it as a form of glucose. If you have to much of it, your body will not feel the need to produce ketones thus not burning the fat.

• Lack of resistance training: Since we are tricking our body to burn fat, it will take some of the rich nutrients in your body as well. To reinforce your muscles and keep them strong, weight lifting is extremely important for you to stay into ketosis.

• Eating Fruit: “since its natural it must be good for you”; this is true but only if you are on a balanced diet regime. For weight loss purposes and to stay in ketosis, fruits are not your friend. The have an ample amount of natural sugars in them, which converts into carbohydrates in your body.

• Starchy Vegetables: An unlimited amount of vegetables are acceptable to stay in ketosis but to many starchy vegetables can call for trouble. If you have to many of these types of vegetables, they will start to turn against you. Some veggie’s that are heavy in starch are as follows: beets, carrots, peas, any type of beans, parsnips and sweet corn.

These are just a few tips to help you stay in ketosis and succeed in your dieting goals. There are many things that you can eat and do to supplement you staying in ketosis even if you have some off days. Everyone has there cheat days but one thing to know about the ketogenic diet is that its takes half a day to a day and half to get back into ketosis. So the next time you think about eating that half of a donut, think again!

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