The Ketogenic Diet Sweet Tooth

20 September 2012
keto diet sweet tooth

When you start the ketogenic diet there are urges that don’t just go away overnight. The worst one is the ketogenic diet sweet tooth syndrome. When you get to this point you can either fight and overcome this challenge so you are successful in burning fat and gaining muscle, or you will give in to the cravings of raw surgery sweets and start over.

In my personal experience, if you surround yourself with sweets (this goes for anything in life for that matter) you will eventually be involved in what is in your environment. When I first started my keto diet there were numerous amount of starchy and carb full snack in the house. I told myself that a couple of chips won’t hurt after my workout because “I worked so hard, it won’t make a difference” when in fact it did. If you are eating starchy vegetables during the day along with your keto food, you could very well be at your limit of carbs early on in the day. Don’t let your ketogenic diet sweet tooth get in the way of your goals.

How to satisfy the ketogenic diet sweet tooth?

There are a a few different ways to overcome this weakness at the beginning phases of your diet. One way is a little brutal but works is to go cold turkey. What thay means is make a pledge to yourself that anything with a noticeable amount of sugar content is off limits and not allowed. This is by far the hardest to overcome because the first few week your body will crave sugar like crazy. Its almost like you are going through withdrawals of carbohydrate because your body is so used to getting it and now you are just cutting it off.
Another way is to slowly lessen your intake on carbs and sugary snacks. For example, before you go and do you’re HIIT (click here for some additional workouts), take a little snack and wait about 10 minutes. You wait this amount of time because you are waiting for your body to digest some of the sugar and for you blood sugar (insulin) to spike. As your sugars in your body spikes you go and quickly burn them off so you do not get kicked out of ketosis. If you do this over a period of a few weeks and lessen the amount ever time, the HIIT workouts will become less strenuous on your body because your teaching it to do the workout with less and less boost in your insulin.
If you have a Smartphone (iphone or android) then you could get an app that will record everything you eat. I use my fitness pal to record everything i eat. The cool thing about this app is its ever evolving from the people that use it. I have not come across something I eat (besides my mom’s homemade food) that is not available in my fitness pal. I have actually added foods on it while I’m not in ketosis or on a ketogenic diet plan (I know I’m bad, it was a custom meal at taco bell).

Overcoming the ketogenic sweet tooth

If you follow a few of these steps and mix it up with your own ideas, you should be able to overcome the keto sweet cravings. Don’t be fooled that all sugar substitutes will not give you blood sugar. You might not be eating any carbs through those diet pepsi’s but your blood sugar will feel a boost of energy and in turn will increase your insulin. This is one reason keto diet specialist and diabetics don’t have to much diet soda’s or sugar free ice cream because it still affects your blood levels and can kick you out of ketosis. The main goal here is to stay in ketosis as long as possible and loss as much body fat as possible

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