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Side Effects While on a Ketogenic Diet Plan

As you endure the starting hunger pangs for carbs on your ketogenic diet plan, you will realize there are a few side effects while entering ketosis. Not to worry they are nothing severe and it is nothing you must be alarmed about. However, you will need to know some of the things regarding your ketogenic diet plan so that nothing comes at you left field.

As your body starts to enter the state of ketosis, you will feel certain things happening. Though the degree of them differs from each person, they will happen. One thing you will notice is that you will feel tired and sluggish. From when you wake up you might enter some headache from feeling sluggish. One of the main reasons you will have a headache is because of the lack of glucose. Your brain primarily functions on glucose so to have absolutely no carbs is a strain on your brain. however, don’t be alarmed!; no matter what you eat, carbs will enter your body through food, even if you are avoiding them it will happen. A recommendation is to have 5% carbohydrates as your daily diet. The 5% ensures your body will not deplete its muscle for glucose. This keeps your brain and body happy.

Ketogenic Diet Plan Morning effects

The headache will be brief because it is just adjusting yourself as your body is. Other side effects may include nausea and diarrhea. You will only have diarrhea while your body is shifting. Once you are producing ketones, you will either have bowel movements less often or normally. As long as you are strict on your ketogenic diet plan, things should last not more than 3 days.

In my own experience I have only felt nauseated once. As I was following the ketogenic diet plan, this was when I was at work one morning. I was heading over to the local coffee shop for my daily dose and I waited in line. As soon as I stopped walking and waited, I felt a sudden urge of nausea. I thought that I should stop whatever I was doing and eat some sugar but it only happened very briefly. While I was in line to get my house coffee, I grabbed a mint chocolate biscotti. Now I know it has sugar and its "not good" but you guys, you have to respond to your body to a degree. We are still tricking it for our ketogenic diet plan but some carbs are good! That biscotti had 18g of carbohydrates. That afternoon I ate what I bought and still ate some carbs which were in my beans and carrots.

The night I tested myself with a keto strip, I was in moderate level ketosis even with the biscotti bar that morning. Other than the listed side effects while entering the ketogenic diet plan, I have not had any on record. If this story may have scared you about going on the diet, it is not nearly as extreme as to what some people do to get healthy. The ketogenic diet plan has never caused me any harm in any way but I am not a doctor. Please do not take this as medical advice as it is purely personal experience.